Getting Local Attention with NewsBox

A popular argument against sending news releases nationwide is that a company may only need local attention.  If you are submitting a release to improve your community relations or to help generate awareness for a new product or service offered locally, you may not want to manage inquiries from a large geographic audience.

With NewsBox, you have tools to target specific geographic areas.  If you are a business in California and want to get more attention for a new restaurant you just opened in Missouri, it may not do much good to send your release to people just in California.  NewsBox provides targeted, specific, distribution options by industry, geography or DMA (which is a smaller geographic area) and topic.  You can also target journalists covering that specific area and they may pick up your news.

When crafting your release, try to include words relative to that area.  If the restaurant, for example, is located near the county courthouse, you may want to include those details.  When people search for a restaurant near the courthouse on Google or other search engines, you’e more likely to come up in search results.

Being conscious of the words you use is critical to generating buzz through search engine traffic.  Ensure your title includes a local identifier, add the city or town in your description and multiple times in your release body.  Add some tags that are relevant to the local market.

If you want suggestions, try searching for similar news on Google or other search engines and see if you can determine what key words generated that attention for that release.

If you need help, search NewsBox for other releases within the geographic area.

NewsBox is a dynamic, cloud-based media intelligence platform which is a disruptive combination of the power of social media, functionality of content management and distribution, and a unique content ecosystem.