How to create quality content to generate leads!

As a content platform, we created NewsBox to help users tell their story and communicate directly with Journalists and influential people without sending spam.

MarketingProfs just sent over an invitation to download a free guide to creating great content.

Most marketers know content is a great way to generate leads. The only thing they don’t know is how to crack the code so every piece results in lead gen bliss.

A recent post by John Hall, CEO of Influence & Co., got more than 10,000 views, 1,200 LinkedIn shares, and brought in 100+ leads, all in less than a month. How’d he do it? Get the secret behind what made his post so successful and how to use these six tactics to give your own content marketing a boost.

Learn why:

  • Storytelling is key
  • Relevant CTAs are important
  • Tracking links is your friend

NewsBox is a dynamic, cloud-based media intelligence platform which is a disruptive combination of the power of social media, functionality of content management and distribution, and a unique content ecosystem.