PR Writing Guidelines

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While we don’t endorse or promote any PR service individually, we do like to share resources that might help you create great content on NewsBox.  Contact this organization directly if interested.


In this 1st edition of PR News’ Writer’s Guidebook, over forty articles explain how to best write press releases, emails, speeches, biographies, backgrounders, crisis communications and annual reports. Our contributors also grapple with the question of how to best write for social media, as new platforms continue to shake the very foundations that time-tested messaging strategies were built on. And they explore how to get your content noticed by your target audience, specifically through search engine optimization.

You’ll get the inside scoop on:

  • Creating News- and Share-worthy Press Releases
  • Communicating Internally and with the Media via Email
  • Speechwriting and Giving Presentations
  • Writing for Social Media and SEO
  • Bringing Your Subject to Life: Biographies and Backgrounders
  • Crisis Communications and Official Statements
  • Writing Annual Reports
  • Making the Leap from Communications to Storytelling
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Our contributing writers to this Guidebook help us understand and adapt to the new while respecting tradition, bringing us insights from a variety of backgrounds and fields of expertise. From PR agencies to academia to recognizable brands like Clorox and the Miami Heat, each author offers a different, thoughtful perspective.

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