The Difference Between Marketing and PR? It’s All in the Inflections

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  • PR tends to leverage media to build brand awareness, while marketing covers a wide range of customer-targeted messaging and calls to action.
  • Marketing = trading and sales oriented. PR = public oriented.
  • Marketing is about selling/needing the product, ‪PR is about creating the population around the product.
  • PR is a two-way engagement with publics. ‪Marketing is a content-oriented message that attempts to sway ‪consumers.
  • In the life of an organization, marketing is for the sells, PR is for everything else.
  • Marketing is all about the product. PR is all about the relationships.
  • Marketing is the development of a product’s branding strategy, while PR is the media relationships executing the marketing strategies.
  • Marketing is how you want the world to see your product. PR is how the world actually sees your product.
  • Marketing is the script, PR is the film.
  • Marketing is the ingredients, PR is the cake displayed in the window.
  • Marketing—you pay for it. PR—you pray for it.
  • Marketing focuses on getting someone to open their wallet. PR focuses on getting into their hearts and minds.
  • Marketing in the monologue, PR is the conversation.
  • Marketing creates the vision and the events, while PR builds relationships with others so they can tell the story from their point of view.
  • Marketing is a one-way communication, PR is a two-way communication.
  • Marketing and PR are communication efforts designed to boost business and promote a brand, but their chief aims are not the same. Marketing focuses on the market and building sales and PR focuses on relationship and trust, and they both have different success metrics.
  • Paid and unpaid coverage is one significant difference. Both should aim at crafting a brand story.
  • It’s not about the difference between ‪PR & ‪marketing. Both must support/rely on each other to maximize brand awareness & lead generation.

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