Truth in Advertising

By on September 6, 2012 Industry News & Viewpoints

Nokia Commercial

Nokia Commercial

This morning a post was circulating on the web about an ad produced by Nokia.

While this isn’t a slam against Nokia by any means and the creation of the video is professionally produced so one wouldn’t expect a professional videographer to film a commercial on a bike.  It does bring to light that some advertising can, often, be produced in a way that might make the product seem better than it is.

All businesses want to be viewed as good as possible.  But, when showing people the true value of your product, a company should never make false promises or give false impressions as to the performance of their product.  A car commercial might show a car being driven by a professional driver but that one can reasonably assume they will not be able to perform the kinds of stunts performed in commercials.  Now, if the auto maker stated that the buyer could perform just as well if they bought the car, that might be reason for concern.

Truth in advertising folks.  Let’s get it right.

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