What’s Happening in Online News Industry

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The world is looking a little bit smaller these days as we’re all reconnected with almost everyone via the computer.  This connectivity brings with it some new items for thought regarding the online news industry.  For the bulk of the past 100 years, the main news distribution by a company was done through direct letters to journalists or through traditional newswires.  Now, with social networks and the Internet in general, it’s become simple for anyone with a computer to gain access to a growing number of people online.  A story that once wouldn’t get much if any attention is now available online and, well, may stay there indefinitely.

So, with all these connections options and a growing pool of content, it’s challenging for all of us to stay somewhat relevant.  We can post our news to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but there are issues with that.  Are those audiences really our target audience.  We can submit our news releases over traditional newswires but even that may not get much attention unless a journalist is interested.

So, where is the news industry moving.  There have been talks about social networks and blogs replacing news organizations and sites like Digg allowing users to vote on what content is really being viewed.  But, it’s clear now more than ever that there is still a need and a somewhat growing need for users to consume news.  In fact, with ease of use, it’s clear that getting news on a computer is now the preferred method of receiving news.

A study released this morning highlighted a research report issued by representatives of the Orlando Sentinel that showed over 10 times the number of news was viewed by users who accessed their news from a mobile app versus a mobile website.  And, with the evolution of smart phones and tablets over the past few years, were seeing these tools as indespensible to end users.

There are some who believe traditional paper distribution of news could be completely gone within the next decade.

Obviously, not requiring an extensive paper distribute network significantly reduces the barrier of entry for a lot of publications and lends more weight to digitial distribution business models.  But, making money from content is still a challenge and we’re all struggling to get that all-important time on the users computer.

NewsBox is, we feel, the next stage of the development.  Traditional newswires send news to specific newsdesks and investment houses.  Then, with the Internet, we began to see press releases being published online – making them less press releases and more consumer news releases.

At NewsBox, we understand the value of traditional journalists and the need by users to connect with key journalists instead of trying to craft an amazing press release and send it out to the public.  We’ve built NewsBox as a tool to go beyond the press release and focus on news releases and getting your message out.

Please download a copy of the guidelines prior to submitting any releases on NewsBox.  We recommend topics, outline proper structure and provide a handful of tips for creating compelling newsworthy content.  news release basics

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